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The Time Is Now

The future has always been uncertain. Today right now, the future is even more uncertain. Whatever your situation, there is always a solution. Spear is here to help.



As communities and small business owners around the world cope with the extraordinary impact of COVID-19, we are faced with one of the most challenging times in nearly a generation.

The challenges created by this crisis are unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. Brick-and-mortar stores have been forced to close their doors as social distancing and self-isolation have taken priority over traditional business and shopping practices. This reality has rapidly accelerated e-commerce transactions, and millions of people who were previously reluctant to purchase goods or services over the internet are now dipping their toes in the digital commerce waters. As such, the consumer landscape will likely never be the same again.

People are learning that shopping in a physical store isn’t always necessary. In fact, a “fingertip society” is emerging, and almost anything is just a click away. This disruption is making companies realize that if they are not findable on the web, they will have a hard time getting in front of the modern consumer. We are entering an era in which the importance of online traffic is more significant than foot traffic for most businesses.

B2B companies are now recognizing the power of digital and are rethinking their business models. Now sales and marketing departments have to learn how to utilize new technologies to create digital brochures, automate email marketing campaigns and connect via virtual meetings online.

We have worked in digital marketing for over a decade now, and during this time we’ve helped countless clients overcome a wide variety of challenges. We look forward to heping you get your business on track